RTL Rising Star – Cologne 2014

A new, interactive contest with the TV audience as jury. To be able to vote you need to download an app and shoot a selfie which is then displayed on the show's LED wall during the voting process. To advertise this mechanism and to push the voting process, RTL staged a public event featuring their original LED wall. sieben8 artists—"camouflaged" as nuns, punks, and senior citizens—surprised the potential jury members as they turned into singers, dancers, and artists. Goal achieved: A maximum of attention and numerous selfies on the Rising Star LED wall!

  • Customer

    RTL, insglück

  • Leistungen

    • Choreography / dramaturgy
    • Stage direction
    • Makeup / Styling
    • Artist booking

Choreography: Kim WIllecke I Photography: milchraum - Frank Thomasini

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