Intersport key account trade fair meeting - Heilbronn 2018

For Intersport’s exclusive and trending brands such as Puma, Champion, adidas, Reebok, Nike, Asics and Brooks, sieben8 stages a fashion show bursting with energy. Three female and two male dancers, a female acrobat and two trickers show pure power and maximum acrobatic performance: somersaults and handsprings along the catwalk, plus a clever overall concept create a huge buzz among Intersport key account holders.

What makes this sieben8 trade fair event so special right from the start? It begins with an AC/DC song playing while dancers and artists pull the audience into the event hall. The stage setup, too, is extraordinary, because the spectators sit right in the middle of it than just in front. Trampolines between stage and catwalk create surprises when the artists perform high jumps and artistic effects during the show. And the cool beats, together with a pinpoint use of light and stage technology, all specifically chosen for the product groups, let this event truly Rock’n’Roll.

  • Customer

    Intersport Deutschland eG

  • Services

    • Conceptual design
    • Stage setup
    • Choreografphy
    • Director
    • Music production
    • Light production
    • Artist booking

Choreography: Romina da Costa Pinto I Photography & Camera: milchraum - Frank Thomasini

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