Devro Gold Event - Frankfurt 2016

On the occasion of IFFA 2016, Devro invited 550 international guests to the Kameha Suite in Frankfurt. sieben8 leveraged this extraordinary location with its railings and stairs as well as a ceiling height of incredible 18 metres for staging an impressive storytelling performance. Combining SHOW ACTS such as dual aerial acrobatics (cloth / rope), floor acrobatics, and show-jumping course / free-running, guests were able to enjoy an action-filled performance at breathtaking speed – the perfect opening to a long Kameha party night!

  • Customer


  • Location

    Kameha Suite

  • Stage/Technology

    Pro Musik

  • Services

    • Idea / conceptual design
    • Choreography / dramaturgy
    • Stage direction
    • Music production
    • Light production
    • Artist booking
    • Media production

Choreography Air Artistry: Femke Luyckx I Choreography & Stage Direction: Romina da Costa Pinto I Music: Deimos Virgillito I Photography: Frank Thomasini I Camera & Editing: Julian Kirchner

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